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Cancer is not the problem affecting only a narrow group of individuals; one in four of us, our family and friends, it will be affected. Ensuring the best possible treatment is a matter which should be close to our hearts.

Agata Polińska, Vice-president of Alivia Foundation

Faced with the tragic condition of Polish cancer care, we demand immediate changes and implementation of a cancer care development programme - which would truly aim at improvement of the Polish patients' situation. We demand a verification of the approved National Strategy of Oncology due to its substantive errors and allocation of financial means by the government which would to allow for effective cancer treatment. The battle with cancer should be our country's nationwide, long-lasting strategic priority, irrespective of political divisions.

We could have avoided the deaths of over 30,000 people a year - 30,000 of our loved ones who might have been alive - if access to treatment had been higher.

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Right to treatment

In accordance with Article 6, sect. 1 of the Act on Patient's Rights and Commissioner of Patient's Rights patients are entitled to treatment in accordance with the current medical knowledge. Currently in Poland of the 140 medicines included in international guidelines regarding treatment of cancer disease only 42 are reimbursed in accordance with current medical knowledge.

We need concrete decisions, not assurances!

Every year, over 30,000 deaths could be avoided - 30,000 of our loved ones could be still alive if the level of cancer care was at the same level as in the developed countries. We expect specific actions and facilitated access to therapies in accordance with current medical knowledge.

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Unfortunately, once again, Poland country failed to protect the weak, the sick and the elderly. You can help change that. Get involved, like our Facebook profile and visit our website available at: This is where you will find current information on the status of Polish cancer care and the new actions taken. Sign the petition and empower cancer patients.