Oncoindex demonstrates the level of reimbursement of cancer medicines in Poland, which are registered in Europe since 2005 and recommended by European Society for Medical Oncology. To calculate the current Oncoindex value we analysed 114 medicines. 50 of them (44%) are not reimbursed in Poland, 33 (29%) are reimbursed with restrictions which have no medical basis, while only 31 medicines (27%) are reimbursed in line with current medical knowledge.

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The most important facts about cancer treatment

  • 73% of medicines recommended by scientists are not available or subject to restrictions

    As part of the Oncoindex project, we monitor access to treatment for 19 types of cancer. Among 114 medicines registered in Europe since 2005 and recommended by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) for the treatment of solid tumours and haemato-oncological diseases, only 31 (27%) are available in line with the recommended standard. The remaining medicines are either not reimbursed at all (44%), or subject to restrictions which are not justified by medical reasons and are associated with budgetary limitations (29%).

  • Cancer tsunami

    There are an increasing number of cancer patients among the Polish population: every year there are approximately 160,000 new cases and between 1999 and 2014, cancer incidence rose by 42%. Over the next decade, this ratio will grow by a further 25%. In the same period, the number of cancer-related deaths was 1.6 million. It could be compared to the disappearance of the cities of Poznań, Szczecin and Łódź. One in four citizens will develop cancer and one in five will die of cancer.

  • National Cancer Plan

    The quality of such an important document, which in the perspective of many years may decide about the life and death of thousands of Poles, is at an unacceptably low level. The document, while containing valuable ideas for anti-cancer initiatives, requires revision.

  • Cancer treatment expenditure has been growing very slowly

    Cancer treatment (and prevention) efficacy in Poland is one of the lowest in Europe: on average, out of 160,000 patients only about 66,000 (approximately 41%) will survive 5 years after the diagnosis, while in other countries with better organisation of healthcare 96,000 people would be saved (approximately 60%). The difference is approximately 30,000 individuals annually (equal to the population of the town of Augustów). Cancer is the most common cause of death at working age.

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In light of the oncology tsunami that is sweeping through our country, we call on the government and all citizens to declare war on cancer.