Oncoindex 09-2020

Cancer patients in Poland have limited access to treatment consistent with contemporary medical knowledge. Oncoindex is the first portal to demonstrate the level of reimbursement of cancer medicines in Poland, medicines which are registered in Europe since 2004 and recommended by European Society for Medical Oncology. The Oncoindex can have a value between -100 and 0. A value of -100 means that patients have no access to any of the recommended medicine, while a value of zero means that every patient can be treated in line with current medical knowledge. Find out which therapies are recommended by scientists for different types of cancer and which of them are reimbursed in Poland.

Change history

Oncoindex change history


Solid tumours and haemato-oncological diseases

Find out more about how we calculate a Suboncoindex.

Oncoindex for individual types of cancer

Therapeutic area (type of cancer) Index value Change in relation to 2020-01
Malignant bronchial and lung cancer -69 image/svg+xml 2.81%
Malignant colon cancer -50 image/svg+xml 16.67%
Malignant breast cancer -62 image/svg+xml 3.3%
Malignant stomach cancer -83 0%
Malignant prostate cancer -43 image/svg+xml -42.87%
Malignant pancreatic cancer -75 0%
Malignant bladder cancer -100 0%
Malignant rectal cancer -63 image/svg+xml -4.17%
Nowotwór złośliwy mózgu 0 image/svg+xml 100%
Malignant ovarian cancer -80 0%
Lymphocytic leukaemia -27 image/svg+xml 17.02%
Multiple myeloma and plasma cell neoplasms -63 image/svg+xml 6.25%
Myeloid leukaemia -65 image/svg+xml -11.43%
Other and indeterminate non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas -50 0%
Diffuse non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas -50 image/svg+xml 14.28%
Hodgkin’s disease -50 0%
Peripheral and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma -75 image/svg+xml -50%
Follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma -50 0%